Resources For Youths & Young Adults

High School

Contrary to what you might think, MOST teens in Deschutes County DON’T drink. Learn how to stay Above the Influence.

College Age – 18–25 Years Old

Check out a calorie, cost or blood alcohol calculator. Trace the flow of alcohol through your body and see how it affects your organs and systems. These and other interactive links await you!

Curious to test your knowledge about alcohol? Want to learn more about alcohol use? Want feedback on your use of alcohol compared to other Oregon State students? Check out this Electric Check–up To Go.

Successful Party Hosting for ages 21+

For parties where guests are 21 years or older, here are some tips for keeping alcohol consumption in check. Remember, furnishing alcohol to minors is both illegal and harmful. These tips are provided for parties for the 21+ crowd. Offering alcohol at your party comes with responsibility – get informed and take action to prevent binge drinking.

Legal Consequences Of Underage Drinking

The State of Oregon takes underage drinking very seriously. There are eight different Oregon Revised Statutes devoted to this issue.

Oregon’s Alcohol Laws & Minors

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