For the 2019 Deschutes River floating season, the Enjoy Protect Respect committee is asking you to follow this mantra: “make river stewardship a habit and lead by example”.

Even if you aren’t someone who physically enters the river, you can still help clean the areas around it and/or talk to others about how to help sustain a safe and healthy environment.

Follow these steps or encourage others to do so:

  • Enjoy the river safely by wearing a life jacket and securing your gear properly.
  • Protect the river by picking up your trash and belongings.
  • Respect the river by only entering and exiting at approved access points.

Together we can reduce trash in the river. In 2018, the following items were extracted in just one day:

  • 1500 lbs of trash (debris, weeds, trash, lost items)
  • 134 aluminum cans
  • 194 glass bottles
  • 15 plastic bottles
  • 3 unopened bottles of vodka
  • 1 unopened bottle of rum
  • 1 unopened Six-pack of beer

Remember to abstain from alcohol and other substance use while on or around the river.

Join us on Saturday July 27th, 2019 for the Deschutes River Clean-up. There are multiple clean-up options available for volunteers making it highly likely you’ll find one that fits your capacity. To sign up or learn more about Enjoy Protect Respect, visit

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