In March, 2019 Deschutes County Health Services staff submitted both written and verbal testimony opposing Senate Bill 639 and House Bill 2233. Senate Bill 639, if approved, will provide for regulation by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) of consumption and sale of cannabis items at temporary events, delivery of cannabis items to specified permanent and temporary residences, and would allow cannabis producers and processors to offer tours of their licensed premises (similar to wine tours). House Bill 2233 is nearly identical to Senate Bill 639, however it only provides for the regulation of temporary events and cannabis lounges. Both bills compromise Oregon’s Indoor Clean Air Act by allowing the use of cannabis at temporary events that may have indoor areas. Oregon’s Indoor Clean Air Act exists to protect workers and patrons from unhealthy smoke and vapor as exposure to secondhand smoke is a widely known public health concern. Bills like these have the potential to normalize smoking behaviors in public places which may lead to an increase in youth initiation. We very recently learned that both bills will not move forward in this legislative cycle in their current state, however, elements of these bills could show up in other bills which are still under consideration. Deschutes County Health Services will continue to monitor and advocate against anything that compromises Oregon’s Indoor Clean Air Act.   

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