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Completion of this membership form signifies alignment with the Shared Future Coalition’s vision, mission, values, principles and by‐laws. Coalition members may terminate their membership at any time and for any reason by notifying the Coalition project coordinator. The Shared Future Coalition reserves the right to terminate membership if/when its determined that a member or member organization no longer aligns with the Shared Future Coalition’s vision, mission, values, principles and by‐laws.



Be a coalition Board Member (assist with governance of the Shared Future Coalition by participating in quarterly coalition meetings).

Help on an ad‐hoc project Workgroup (assist with one or more project workgroups which convene as needed to develop or implement coalition projects).

Donate resources toward Shared Future Coalition projects (resources are defined broadly, to include but not be limited to: loaned staffing for coalition projects, organizational support for implementing prevention strategies internally, publicity (internal or external), facility usage, finances, project materials, etc.)

Serve as a Champion for the Shared Future Coalition (actively engage as an advocate for the Shared Future Coalition, its vision, mission and projects. This may include representing the Coalition in the local media, at community events, or other public functions).

Serve as a Friend of the Coalition (support the Shared Future Coalition by regularly receiving communications materials via Facebook, e‐newsletter, blog and/or the Shared Future Coalition website).

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