Facebook is constantly changing the way posts are prioritized in your newsfeed. Starting this year, Facebook now places extra emphasis on what they call active interactions. The posts with more active interactions will appear on more individual newsfeeds for longer periods of time. Active interactions are measured by the number of Comments, Shares, and Reactions and the weighted importance of each of those actions (Comments have the heaviest weight, followed by Shares and lastly Reactions).

These new changes put us in a predicament because even though our network of followers on Facebook is growing, our overall reach is diminishing because we don’t get a lot of active interaction. The good news is that with your help we can use Facebook’s new system to our advantage. Please help our posts get off the ground by taking a moment to React, Comment, and Share. If you like a post, let us and your friends know about it. If you don’t like a post, let everyone know that too. All active interactions will keep our posts relevant and will increase the likelihood that others will get the chance to see the post. Ready to help? Click here to access our Facebook page and start reacting, commenting, and sharing. Thanks for helping us engage with our community on Facebook!


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