Originally focused on preventing high risk drinking among 18 to 25 year olds, the Coalition now addresses substance abuse issues among young people ages 10 to 25. Coalition position statements define the unique elements of concern and hope for each of the four substances. Committees are charged with developing, implementing and evaluating projects under the guidance of the larger Coalition Advisory Board. Notable projects completed in the past two years include: a video-based campaign designed to encourage parents to talk to their kids about marijuana called, “Start the Conversation”; a prescription drug safety media campaign called, “Take Meds Seriously Oregon”; and a parenting workshop, called Connect , which is designed for parents/guardians to learn factual, unbiased information and skills to start conversations with their kids about marijuana and other drugs.

For more information on these projects or to get involved with the Shared Future Coalition, email: info@sharedfuturecoalition.org or call Julie Spackman at 541-388-6619.


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