Name: Penny Pritchard

Title: Director of Development and Marketing

Organization: Friends of the Children

Stakeholder Group: Youth-Serving Organization

Penny is originally a Bendite. However, she lived in Tahoe for 10 years where she learned to split-board in the backcountry, earned a Bachelor’s in Community Health Sciences and a Master’s in Public Health at the University of Nevada, Reno.  Prior to earning her degrees, Penny worked for several outdoor recreational non-profit programs.  Interested in chronic disease prevention with vulnerable populations, Penny co-founded a program in 2008 which currently teaches youth experiencing foster care in Washoe County how to snowboard, be active and choose healthy foods.

After completing her Master’s, Penny moved back to Bend where she worked on policy, system, and environmental change to prevent substance abuse and related chronic diseases for Deschutes County.

Penny has transitioned back into development and marketing for national non-profit program called Friends of the Children (FOTC). FOTC is a long-term mentorship program for children born into circumstances they cannot control. The children in the program are identified in kindergarten and assigned a paid, professional mentor for 12.5 years, no matter what.

Penny enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, cooking, and playing with her wiener dog named Otto aka Bop-a-lou Brown.

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