Name: Julie Spackman

Title: Prevention Coordinator

Organization: Deschutes County Health Services

Stakeholder Group: Public Health Staff

Each County and Tribe in Oregon has an individual charged with coordinating substance abuse prevention efforts. Julie is the Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator for Deschutes County. She started at Deschutes County in 2007 as a career change from the fields of secondary education and workforce development. In 2009, Julie became a Certified Prevention Specialist, and in 2012 she became certified in Volunteer Management. In her role with Deschutes County, Julie’s work has focused on providing technical assistance and prevention expertise to grassroots community coalitions such as the Shared Future Coalition. Currently, Julie and Lauren Wood work together as project directors for the Shared Future Coalition. She is also actively involved in the Oregon Public Health Association’s Addiction Prevention Section and is the statewide chairperson of the Learning Committee. Julie grew up in Salem and after college she moved to Fairbanks, Alaska for about 10 years. In 2000, she returned to Oregon with her husband and two children in order to be near grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. Julie and her family own a small hay farm in Eastern Deschutes County, where this country girl can decompress after daily work life in the big city.


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