Name: Jessica Jacks

Title: Prevention Team Supervisor

Organization: Deschutes County Health Services

Stakeholder Group: Substance Abuse Prevention

Ms. Jacks currently serves as a Prevention and Health Promotion Team Supervisor. In this role she manages several prevention focus areas including substance abuse, tobacco, problem gambling, suicide, diabetes, chronic disease self-management, school health and mental health promotion. Previous to this role she served in the Tobacco and Chronic Disease Prevention program for Deschutes County Health Services (2008-2009); as the Prevention Coordinator for Benton County (2002-2008); as an Instructor for Oregon State University, College of Health and Human Science (2000-2002); and as a Research Assistant for Oregon State University, Student Health Services (2000-2002).  Ms. Jacks received her Master’s in Public Health from Oregon State University in 2001. She currently maintains certification as a Certified Prevention Specialist and is a member of Shared Future Coalition, OSU-Cascades Health and Wellness Advisory, Central Oregon Suicide Prevention Alliance, Living Well Central Oregon, Central Oregon Health Council’s Behavioral Health Identification and Awareness Workgroup, and Oregon Public Health Association.  Ms. Jacks is a contributor to the published work in Health Promotion Practice, July 2008; volume 9: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in Children:  A Pilot Program of Be a Fit Kid.  Jennifer Slawta, Jeff Bentley, Joan Smith, Jessica Kelly (Jacks) and Lucien Syman-Degler.  In her free-time she enjoys being outdoors, good food, and traveling.

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