Project Goals

  • Reduce underage and high risk drinking for people up to age 25
  • Prevent marijuana use for people under the age of 21
  • Prevent the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs by people ages 12-25
  • Reduce the prevalence of tobacco use

Bylaws of the Shared Future Coalition

About Shared Future Coalition

Here in Deschutes County, we have a strong sense of independence along with a shared interest in a safe, healthy and prosperous community.

In 2011, the Deschutes County Children & Families Commission received a grant from the Oregon Health Authority to contribute to the well–being of our County by fostering legal and safe alcohol use in our communities.

After the completion of a countywide assessment (September 2011–February 2012), the factors in Deschutes County that contribute to young adult high risk drinking (young adults 18–25 years old) were prioritized, and a project focus was established.  In July 2012, a broad array of community members and agency partners helped to craft the first year’s strategic plan.

Currently, a diverse group of stakeholders is engaged in the Shared Future Coalition and project work groups. These volunteers and partner representatives are working together to complete the strategic objectives outlined in the work plan.

Community involvement in all phases of this project is important.

We continue to seek partners from all areas of the community: business, local government, law enforcement, court system, parents, young adults, faith community, education, human services agencies, substance abuse treatment providers, seniors, and the general public. If you would like to get involved, please contact Drug Free Communities Coordinator Lauren Wood, lauren.wood@deschutes.org or call (541) 385-1748.

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