Here in Deschutes County, we have a strong sense of independence along with a shared interest in a safe, healthy and prosperous community. The Shared Future Coalition contributes to the well-being of our County by fostering legal and safe alcohol use in our communities. We invite you to become more informed about the impacts of high risk drinking. Join our efforts and start making a difference today!

Binge Drinking Facts

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

A safe, healthy and prosperous community.

Our Mission

We engage the community to foster legal and safe alcohol use in Deschutes County.

Low-Risk Drinking Guide

We Value…

our community’s future
by creating sustainable practices which reduce health and societal costs stemming from alcohol abuse.
health and well-being of all citizens and visitors
by recognizing that the health of our community and economy is dependent on the health of individuals.
community stewardship
which fosters safety, economic development, a productive workforce, and a higher standard for alcohol environments, both public and private.
healthy, fun, and active lifestyle
in Deschutes County and the economic leverage gained from healthy behaviors.
civic and social accountability
of citizens, organizations, agencies and businesses.
our primary, secondary and post–secondary education and training opportunities
and the ability for children, youth and adults to succeed academically and socially.
a strategic approach
to preventing underage and binge drinking which maximizes the return to our community.
relationships among individuals
within and among families, and between varied arrays of community partners.
the responsible consumption of alcohol
as defined by

  • no alcohol use by minors,
  • no binge drinking by adults (binge drinking is defined as 5+ drinks on one occasion for males; 4+ drinks on one occasion for females)

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